Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Gas Tank Model and Textures

This free pack contains a model of a gas tank along with five complete texture makeovers that can be used to dress the tank up in a variety of ways.

The pack, which can be downloaded from here, can be used royalty-free in your projects with a link back to this page.

Did you like this promo video?  A tutorial 
explaining how it was created can be found here.

Once you've downloaded and unpacked the ZIP file you'll find the model in OBJ format, along with a folder for each of the five texture variations.

Within each folder you'll find the texture maps themselves, plus the original Genetica file.

All the textures included in this pack were created with Genetica.  Use Genetica to open any of the GTX files in order to modify the textures.  Genetica can be downloaded from here.

More goodies are on the way!  Use the signup towards the top-right of this page to be informed when more free items are released.

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