Monday, September 6, 2010

Four Free Tile Sets

This is a great pack of four different interlocking tile sets that can be assembled in endless configurations.

The pack, which can be downloaded from here, is available for use under these terms.  Read on to see what's included in the pack.

Download and unpack the ZIP file to reveal four different versions of the set, each of which is contained in a different folder.  Enter the folder of the version you'd like to see more of.

Once you've entered one of the main folders, you'll be presented with all the files making up that set.

As shown above the contents of each set can be broken down into four sections.  Here's a description of each one:

1. Individual tiles that can be assembled by hand

This folder contains the 16 individual textures making up each set.  These can be used in a 3D environment, or pasted into a standard paint program and assembled into countless unique configurations.

2. Combined sets usable in some game engines

The combined sets have all the individual set pieces combined into a single image.  The white grid in the following illustration doesn't appear in the actual image, but was added to show how this image contains all sixteen of the individual textures.

These tile sets can then be loaded into certain game engines where they can be quickly assembled into unique arrangements.  For example, a tutorial on how tile sets are used in Torque Game Builder can be found here.

What's nice about using tile sets from a single image is that all you need to do is replace that one image and the whole setup instantly updates to the new look.

3. Standard seamless texture for floors and boxes

Standard seamless texture versions are also provided along with height and specular maps.  These will look good on floors, walls, columns, boxes, and just about anywhere else where seamless textures can be used.

4. Original files that can be modified in Genetica

All the textures included in this pack were created with Genetica.  The GTX files provided in the pack are the original files that can be opened in Genetica for full customization.  Genetica can be downloaded here.

Once one of the GTX files has been opened in Genetica, you'll find a series of nodes that represent the various components forming that texture.  Double-click either the Canvas or one of the Synthesis nodes to modify either the pattern or the materials used to create the texture.

More goodies are on the way--don't miss out.  Use the signup towards the top-right of this page to be informed when more free items are released!


  1. Awesome! (All the other posts as well, very informative and generous!)

  2. Fabulous! I love this stuff; am saving up for the day I can actually afford Genetica, LOL! Meanwhile, I am in awe ... THANK YOU for the brilliant free stuff.

  3. You will SO not regret it! :-) Genetica is a gift from the gods. I could kick myself for not getting it sooner! If I'd just known what it'd do. Genetica needs more advertising and more exposure...people just don't realize what it's capable of! Anyhow, thanks...for everything! Jan AKA Jan19 in the DAZ world :-)

  4. I love this blog! I look forward to every article - I wish it was weekly!


  5. Thanks everyone for all the encouragement!

    Will, we're actually trying to gear this blog up to weekly posting--we'll see how that goes!

  6. As always, absolutely awesome Atlas - thank you so much.

  7. HOOLEY DOOLEY that's some good stuff. Thanks for putting it in heightmap rather than normalmap. That way I can convert it, if necessary.

  8. Just got 4 beta and was wondering what category animal/fur textures would be under? I can't seem to find anything...thanks!


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