Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ten Icon Filters

Presenting a pack of 10 icon generators! Download it here.

Today's interfaces, both on the web and in games, contain many universally recognized symbols for items such as Facebook, Twitter, email, RSS, and so on.  But instead of using the standard icon for these services, many projects will instead use versions of the symbols that match the interface or theme of the service.  For example, a medieval game may include a Facebook icon made of stone.  This pack contains 10 filters for integrating these modern-day hieroglyphics into your interface.

Extract the pack and open the GTX files in Genetica.  The icons begin with a default "G" symbol, but are easy to edit.  Double-click the Canvas node to customize the design directly within Genetica.  Alternatively, drag an Imported Image node into the filter's input slot and select a black-and-white image of your desired design.  The following illustration shows this being done with the gold-on-wood icon in order to create a matching pair of Facebook and Twitter icons.



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