Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Free Light Strips Tile Sets

This free pack contains two sets of interlocking tiles that can be assembled to create a variety of light strips.  The original texture files are also included for creating light strip sets that match your own custom walls.

The pack and be downloaded from here, and is available for use under these terms.

Download and unpack the ZIP file to find two versions of the set.  The blue version is intended for more neutral environments, while the red version will assist in creating a more foreboding feel.

Within each of the main folders you'll find the individual files forming the set.

As shown above the contents of each set fall into three groups.  Here's a description of each:

1. Individual Tiles

This folder contains the 16 individual textures making up each set.  They can be assembled in a painting program, or they could be placed on squares or cubes and assembled in a 3D environment.

2. Combined Sets

Combined sets contain all 16 tiles packaged into a single texture.  These can be used with certain game engines, such as Torque Game Builder, as described here.

3. Genetica Files

Open the GTX files within Genetica to create custom versions of the set.  Replacing the wall with one of your own materials is easy, with Genetica automatically adding the lights and other details to it.

Many more goodies are on the way!  Use the signup towards the top-right of this page to be informed when more free items are released!

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